15 Ways to Perfectly Pair A Leather Jacket with Jeans

15 Ways to Perfectly Pair A Leather Jacket with Jeans

Leather jackets go well with almost any kind of outfit but no attire can outshine the duo of leather jacket and a pair of jeans. While wearing a pair of jeans gives you a cool and casual appeal throwing on a leather jacket adds a bit of rock-inspired edge to the look. Below are some of the best ways to style a premium leather jacket and your favorite pair of jeans.

Black Jeans and Biker Jacket

Although blue is everyone’s go-to color when it comes to jeans you can get also get an edgy and urban appeal by choosing black jeans. Match it together with a quilted leather jacket and complete the look with elegant high-heeled shoes to get a uniquely sharp edge. You can even add posh-looking accessories to your attire to give it an even more sophisticated impression.

Skinny Jeans and Motorcycle Jacket

Go for a pair of skinny jeans and match them together with a statement tee to get both a cool and chic look. Throwing a perfect fitting motorcycle jacket on top and blending it with a pair of flat ankle boots helps to give your outfit an edgy yet classic twist.

Black Jeans and White Leather Jacket

The perfect combo of black and white can never be sidelined in leather jackets. To give a unique twist to your usual look, go for a white leather jacket and match it together with a pair of black jeans. You can even try a cropped leather jacket with high-waisted jeans to flaunt your style and show off your silhouette.

Dressed Up Jeans and Jacket

Opting for a dressed-up look with jeans can suit the mood of any environment whether it's at the office or a casual party. Try a medium-wash cropped jean and pair it with an elegant brown leather jacket to add some character to your outfit.

Cropped Jeans and Red Leather Jacket

Cropped jeans are always in vogue and what better way to style them than with a bold red leather jacket. The alluring red and blue combo would turn your everyday fashion staple into something more stylish and ultra-modern in no time.

Jeans, Sweater, and Leather Jacket

Dress yourself up in your favorite sweater and jeans combo and then throw on a leather jacket to play with textures and give your look a more cozy appeal. This outfit can make you look more sweet and fashionable while adding high waisted jeans into the mix brings in a more sophisticated appeal to the entire look.

Weekend Look with Jeans and Leather Jacket

Turn your usual jeans and t-shirt outfit into something more appealing and stylish with a biker-style leather jacket. Go for wide-leg cropped jeans and pair them with a button-down shirt or blouse to get a fresh and chic look with the addition of a quilted leather jacket on top.

All Black

An all-black outfit is one of the most powerful color options when pairing leather jackets and designer leather pants. This look can give you a bold and striking image especially when black jeans are worn. If you’re not careful an all-black outfit can end up looking a bit dressier rather than rock-inspired, so keep that in mind before going out. Black jeans and black leather jackets are known to be a perfect look for cocktail parties and nights out with friends.

Long Scarf, Flare Jeans, and Leather Jacket

Add a bit of drama to your regular jeans outfit by pairing it with a long scarf. Go for a pair of perfectly fit flared jeans, style that with a bold tee or blouse, and complete your attire with a black leather jacket. Add a long scarf on top and be ready to turn all heads toward your graceful look.

Faux Fur, Ripped Jeans, and Leather Jacket

This stylish combination is a perfect way to state your love for fashionable attire out loud. Throw on an elegant leather jacket with a faux fur collar and complete the look with a pair of ripped jeans. Match that with ankle boots or high-heeled shoes, and be ready to rock the winter parties with this modern sleek look.

French Girl Style

Go for a pair of vintage-inspired denim jeans and style it with an essential striped tee or shirt to get the chic French girl appeal. Throw on a biker-style leather jacket to this look and truly turn some heads with an iconic look.  You can even add accessories like a skinny scarf or a leather satchel to make it more sophisticated and fashionable.

Black Jeans, Biker Jacket, and Graphic Sweatshirt

Pairing together graphic sweatshirts and black jeans can never go out of style and there’s no better way to add to its appeal than by throwing on a biker-style leather jacket. Go for a pair of high-heeled shoes to complete this bold and chic outfit.

Jeans and Pink Leather Jacket

Nothing can beat the girly, feminine look of a pink leather jacket. Match it together with a pair of casual blue jeans and a white tee or top to rock this fun and trendy style boldly. You can even go for a cropped leather jacket to add to the sweet and cute appeal of the outfit.

Jeans, Leather Jacket, and Plaid Duster

You can easily style a casual plaid duster with jeans but not many women know that layering a leather jacket on top can help give it an even more fashion-forward appeal. Go for a pair of trendy frayed-hem jeans and blend that layered look with a pair of ankle boots to really rock this style during the winter season.

Effortlessly Chic

Pairing together jeans and a leather jacket allows you to create a look that is well dressed up to suit the mood of any event without much of a hassle. You can choose any combination and simply accessorize your jeans and leather jacket together with a designer bag, a colorful scarf, or a long necklace to make the style your own.

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