The Unique Qualities of Aged Leather

The Unique Qualities of Aged Leather

The saying, “old is gold”, fits perfectly when it comes to premium leather jackets and designer leather pants. Leather develops more character as it ages which is why most fashionable women prefer the appeal of “old leather” these days as opposed to new leather.

In general, leather develops a patina when it ages which gives it a darker color and a unique finish. Gradually, this layer would give the leather jacket or pants a different appearance because the natural marks on the leather would start becoming more noticeable. As leather is sourced from animal hide it can contain natural wrinkles and form small markings on the surface. These tiny markings and can add a rugged character and appeal to your premium leather jacket or pants.

It is important to note that the more you use your leather product the more it will develop the patina. However, you should be very careful with your designer leather jacket or pants and make sure to care and maintain them as recommended. This can help ensure that the leather product ages well and develops its amazing qualities naturally.

Aged Leather Feels Softer

The feel of aged leather is much different from new leather. Leather jackets and pants that have been exposed to sunlight and air for some time feel much softer than newer designer leather jackets or pants. This is more evident in some other leather products such as leather shoes, which feel a little sturdy at first but become softer with time. The good thing about leather is that even though they become softer with age they do not rip apart or tear easily. Despite becoming softer, high-quality leather will still hold on to their normal durability and longevity.

Aged Leather Smells Better

Leather carries a distinct smell and as it ages it can start to smell different from when you first bought your leather apparel or product. In fact, leather smells better when it ages. Where new leather might smell strong and feel a bit artificial, leather that is more worn can feature a natural, softer, and more subtle smell.

Aged Leather is Stronger

When compared to other fabric materials leather is much stronger and durable in nature. It is for this reason that leather jackets and leather pants can last much longer than other cotton or silk products. The life and strength of leather depends upon its age. It is seen that aged leather is more tough and durable than new leather and you can even physically pull on the leather product easily without causing any damages to it.