All you Need to Know about Treating Leather

All you Need to Know about Treating Leather

Leather is a very durable and lasting material, however, since it’s produced from natural organic sources, leather is bound to age with time and be damaged if subjected to extreme heat or humidity. Leather is a porous material which is what gives it its trademark soft texture and elasticity. Nonetheless, the same feature makes it prone to drying out and cracking due to severe temperature variations as well. These factors make treating leather an important part of caring for the product.

Full-grain leather products can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. You might be using your leather jacket, leather skirts, or leather leggings on a regular basis. If so, occasional treatment of the product may be necessary to make sure that it retains its original shine and appeal. Additionally, periodic leather treatment also makes sure that it does not become brittle or lose its natural oils.

Note that the leather clothing you own will also develop a patina as part of their normal aging process if you do not apply any conditioner to it. While some might admire the aged and rugged look it gives to jackets, this may not be desirable for leather pencil skirts or pants that you wear to work.

Leather Treatment

There are many different types of leather treatment products available on the market these days. Therefore, you should be very careful when buying one for your leather pants or skirt. For instance, some products work the best for leather furniture and car upholstery, but may not be suitable to use on leather clothing. Similarly, where grease- or wax- based conditioners are great for preserving leather’s shine and appearance, such products carry a strong smell that can be difficult to manage when you wear the leather skirt or pants to the club or office. Additionally, such conditioners can also affect the color and durability of leather clothing.

An acrylic copolymer spray or a silicone polymer spray can work incredibly well to make all of your leather products resistant to water damage and severe temperatures. However, they do not make the leather product waterproof, so never try to immerse the leather clothing in water or machine-wash it. In addition, make sure to apply the conditioner only when the leather jacket, skirt, or pants feel dry or stiff. That is because too much conditioner oils can clog its pores which can hamper the leather clothing’s natural features. Since SPRWMN clothing is all lamb leather, it’s important to find a specialized or organic solution so as not to disturb or damage your incredibly special hand-made designer clothing.