Why Leather Jackets are the Best for Motorcycle Riders

Why Leather Jackets are the Best for Motorcycle Riders

The safety of the rider is the primary concern for all manufacturers who make motorcycle gear but this necessity is often overlooked by the actual motorcycle riders themselves.  Many riders often choose to not wear any safety gear for a variety of factors. However, it is common knowledge that you should never leave any part of your body exposed while driving a motorcycle. You should always wear a helmet and any other necessary safety equipment when operating a motorcycle in order to help you in the event of an accident.

When it comes to protecting the upper body there are many options of leather and textile jackets that offer excellent protection against abrasion. These types of jackets also bridge the gap between fashion and safety so that motorcyclists can look cool and stylish while maintaining their protection while riding. Motorcycle jackets are available in numerous styles and designs that offer a good cushion in the event of shock and penetration. Below is a quick look at the pros and cons of leather and textile biker jackets to help you understand which one would better suit your individual needs.

Comparing Leather Motorcycle Jackets vs. Textile Motorcycle Jackets

It is often said that leather jackets offer excellent resistance against abrasion while still maintaining a classic and cool style. In case of an accident, leather biker jackets will abrade slower and cause less heat due to the friction created when a rider falls from the motorcycle. While textile jackets do offer great protection to a motorcycle rider at lower speeds they are also less abrasion resistant when compared to leather jackets. At the same time, leather jackets need to be cared for and maintained properly in order to ensure both its longevity and durability. Textile jackets, on the other hand, do not need nearly as much attention in that regard.

Premium leather jackets feel much softer on the body and can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Most riders go end up purchasing leather jackets because they do not accumulate nearly as much dirt and grime as textile biker jackets do. With a leather jacket, you can simply wipe the dust off the surface without much effort which is not as easy with textile jackets. If you’re thinking about saving yourself time and effort then investing in a leather jacket might be for you. 

Textile motorcycle jackets can also begin to feel comfortable after a couple of washes and tend to feel might lighter in comparison to a leather jacket. However, textile motorcycle jackets can easily collect dirt and dust which makes it necessary to wash and clean your jacket more often. But, textile biker jackets can also be a better choice when it comes to all-weather protection as leather can get damaged if exposed to too much moisture. Even though leather is a great insulator it is not waterproof and can absorb moisture when worn in rainy or wet conditions. Nonetheless, it can still be a good option for riders in regions that do not get as much rain or snowfall.

If a leather jacket loses its original shine and appeal you can also just dye it which is never an option with textile jackets. What’s more, you can easily repair your leather jacket in case it gets damaged and make sure that you maintain a stylish and edgy look. Although textile biker jackets can also be fixed if they get damaged the price of repairs can be very high. 

The major drawback of leather jackets in comparison to textile jackets is that they can be quite a bit heavier. Nevertheless, leather jackets can be custom-fitted to get the right feel and comfort when riding a bike. In fact, this is one of the prime advantages of going for leather biker jackets.

Manufacturers offer custom fitted leather jackets in a lot of styles, colors, and sizes which make it easier to get one that’s specific to your needs and riding habits. Once they are tailored to fit your body, custom-fit leather jackets can offer you some of the most protection available from a biker jacket. On the contrary, a loosely fitting jacket will not offer much protection in case of an accident and could even cause more harm than good.

The Type of Leather Material Used in Biker Jackets

The leather material used for biker jackets is sourced from animal hide which is treated in a chemical solution for tanning. This chemical solution makes the leather material both strong and flexible and helps to produce the finest-quality jackets. After the tanning process is done the leather is dyed to get a pleasant finish and is one of the final processes to make the final product.

Full-grain cow leather is the material most commonly used to make top-quality motorcycle jackets. Their supreme thickness makes the premium leather material highly resistant to abrasion while still giving it great tensile strength in order to survive wear and tear. Some manufacturers also use kangaroo leather in order to make biker jackets but it is more common in racing suits at present. Cowhide is just as strong and durable as kangaroo leather but it is a bit heavier than the latter. This is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of kangaroo leather when it comes to making motorcycle jackets.

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