How to Choose the Right Leggings for Summer

sprwmn model posing with leather joggers on a tennis court

Leggings work to create an awesomely stylish look and help you stay comfortable while being fashionable. However, wearing all types of leggings all throughout the year might not necessarily be practical. Unless you’re truly willing to give up comfort for fashion, you need to choose the right material and style to beat the high temperatures. Below are a few tips on how to buy the right leggings for summer.

Choosing the Style

Capris are sometimes a no-go in summer due to their restrictive ankle cut, however a crop flare or ankle flare would be a great option since the bottom opens up and allows for more air-flow. Generally fashion savvy individuals wear lighter colors in summer, which is why our white capri leather leggings may be a better choice for summer. The lighter shade will reflect heat away from your lower body as opposed to absorbing it like black leather leggings. Blush pink and nude capri leather leggings would also be great options due to their light tones.

One of the best options for a summer outfit would be a half-length pair of leather leggings like the black mid-rise cropped leggings. Since your ankles and calves are completely exposed you’ll have much better cooling while rocking our favorite leather material. The next one I’d like to recommend may seem counterintuitive, but trust me, it’s not; metallic silver capri leather leggings would be an amazing choice on a hot day due to the insulating nature of reflective materials. With open ankles and reflective material, this might just be the best way to go on a hot summer day; not to mention the fact that they look cool as all get out.

Matching Tops

We’ve outlined some of the best legging choices for a summer outfit, but leather bottoms are only half an outfit; you should also consider which summery tops leather leggings go best with. Here are some ideas for cool tops to balance out the bold fashion statement of leather leggings.

            -Summer floral blouses

            -Graphic tees and crop-tops

            -Leather bodysuit, either one shoulder or front-zipper

            -Black leather camisole tank

            -Shirred leather tank

Whatever you choose to accompany your ensemble, it should keep with the color palette of your leather leggings while elevating them with complementary features. We offer tons of amazing tops made to match our leggings right on our store, or you can repurpose previous fashion trends such as streetwear or chic tops.

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