The Best Shoe Styles to Pair with Leather Pants

The Best Shoe Styles to Pair with Leather Pants

Premium designer leather pants are an incredible fashion item that can instantly change the attire of any woman from ordinary to something inspiring. Designer leather pants can be worn anywhere – be it to work, a casual party, a night out with friends in a club, or even while going shopping for groceries as they blend with every occasion perfectly. However, in order to ensure that you get a stunning look and rock your premium leather boldly, you need to make sure that you find the perfect top to pair it with. The same goes true for the choice of footwear. Below is our pick for the best shoe styles that you can match with your leather pants to create an alluring and glamorous look.

Black Ankle Boots

Wearing a pair of black ankle boots with leather pants or designer leather leggings can help make your legs look longer, more sleek, and attractive. You can choose any color of leather pants or leggings, pair that with your statement top or tee, and then throw on a pair of sleek black leather boots to complete the look. You can go for a chunky heel for more comfort and choose the height of the boots as per your liking. Small details like stars and sparklers can make it even more special.

Pointed Pumps

Leather pants and white t-shirts go quite well and suit the mood for all seasons. To give this look a finishing touch, add a pair of pointed pumps to your attire. While the pointed heel would give a sense of sophistication to your leather pants, wearing neutral tones can help spark up the appeal of your trendy outfit. You can even play with different textures and colors or go for a velvet heel to get a unique look. No matter which style you choose, pointed pumps will always give an edgy-chic attitude to your attire.


Pairing leather pants and leggings with a pair of sneakers can make your outfit more appropriate for daytime events. In fact, you can never go wrong with classic white sneakers and leather pants. You can go for a more stylish and relaxed vibe by wearing lace-up leather pants while matching it with a statement tee. Throw on a pair of skate sneakers to help push it more towards street fashion and complete the look with a leopard-print overcoat or a biker leather jacket. If you were planning to dress things up a bit, you can try slip-on sneakers to get a cute, yet stunning appeal.

Pro Tip: Never wear summer sandals or casual flip-flops with your leather pants. Flats look out of place with leather pants and leggings and might even ruin the charm of your entire outfit.

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