Comparing Buffalo Leather vs. Other Leather Types

Comparing Buffalo Leather vs. Other Leather Types

Buffalo leather is made by processing domestic buffalo hides. It comes in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes which is then passed onto the leather material. Buffalo leather is used in a variety of applications and can even beat the quality of other leather types in a variety of ways. Below is a quick comparison of buffalo leather with other common leather types.

Buffalo Leather vs. Cow Leather

Leather sourced from cowhide is the most common type of leather that is used for manufacturing women’s leather clothing. It comes with a distinct pattern and color that gives premium leather apparel a unique character and appeal. Cowhide can also be processed and dyed to get different finishes for the final product. Buffalo hides are usually 2 to 3 times thicker than cowhide which is why they are mainly used to make products such as gloves and shoes that demand more strength and durability. With that being said, buffalo leather is also used to manufacture leather clothing such as biker jackets and designer leather pants.

Buffalo Leather vs. Sheep Leather

Leather made from sheepskin is usually softer and thinner than buffalo leather. It is generally used to make luxury items and lightweight clothing. Moreover, sheepskin leather can also be used to make book covers and wallets due to its attractive appeal and texture. Buffalo leather, on the other hand, is much thicker and stronger, making it perfect for use in weight-bearing products, such as leather bags.

Buffalo Leather vs. Calf Leather

Leather sourced from calfskin is high-quality leather that is known for its unmatched softness and fine grain. Calf leather is typically used in bookbinding, luxury clutches, wallets, and the uppers of women’s shoes. Buffalo leather, however, is much thicker and stronger than calf leather it is used in motorcycle clothing, saddles, and handbags. Buffalo leather also features a coarse grain which can give a rugged and edgy appeal to designer leather jackets and bags.

Buffalo Leather vs. Lambskin Leather

Leather made from lambskin features a soft buttery texture which is why it is usually used in high-end and luxurious leather products. However, lambskin leather is very delicate, fragile and tends to get stained easily. In comparison, buffalo leather is very thick, durable, and coarsely grained which makes it an ideal choice for women’s leather clothing, such as leather jackets.

Buffalo Leather vs. Genuine Leather

Using the term “genuine leather” is a marketing strategy to promote goods made from the lowest quality leather material. It is usually sourced from the bottom layer of the animal hide, which is coated and dyed to mimic the appearance of top-quality leather. Genuine leather lacks the strength and durability of buffalo leather and does not have the same natural beauty either.

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