Wearing a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion

Wearing a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion

Wearing a leather jacket perfectly symbolizes your fashionable and inspired sense of style. They come in quite a few styles and varieties which makes wearing a leather jacket easy for any occasion. Below is a quick rundown on how to rock the leather jacket style on any given type of occasions.

For a Formal Gathering

You can easily pair a leather jacket with your formal attire to create a chic look instantly. You can either try a jacket that fits to your body shape or go for a cropped style jacket over a formal dress. Although wearing black would be the go-to choice here, you can also try bold colored leather jackets like cobalt blue or dark green for a formal gathering.

For Brunch

Brunch is always a time when you can show off your colorful side. While wearing a colored leather jacket would be perfect for brunches, you can also do it with a twist by wearing a bold colored tee or a bright floral dress and throw a leather jacket on top of the ‘fit

For a Date Night

Wearing a leather jacket when you are going out for a date shows that you are a confident and cool person. You can simply rock the look by pairing your leather jacket with a sweet leather skirt that flatters your figure. Then simply complete the outfit with a pair of heels or boots.

For Cocktail Parties

Nothing can beat the combination of a little black dress and a leather jacket for a cocktail party. If you’re wearing a skirt or a fitted dress, consider throwing over a bit of an oversized leather jacket. It will not only make you feel comfortable and warm, but offer a nice contrast to the attire as well.

For a Weekend Escapade

If you’re heading out to the beach with your friends, you can go casual and pair your favorite leather jacket with a vintage t-shirt. If you’re planning for some weekend shopping time, you can go with a biker leather jacket and a pair of black or green jeans. Pro tip: wearing a lightweight jacket is also the best option for such occasions.

For a Girls’ Night Out

You can be totally free and show off your fashionista side to your friends when you are going for a girls’ night out. So get creative and think of what style would balance your looks in the most flattering way for the party. If you’re planning to go for a vintage appeal, try a biker jacket with a floral blouse or dress that matches with a bold lipstick.

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