The Do’s And Don’ts of Wearing Leather Skirts to Work

The Do’s And Don’ts of Wearing Leather Skirts to Work

There is a common misconception that leather skirts might be too flamboyant or inappropriate for an office setting. Really, though, it all depends on the vibe of your workplace and how you present the rest of your outfit. When styled properly you can totally rock your leather skirt to the office as well as any other formal gathering.

You should obviously try to wear a style of skirt that matches you and your previous styles; if you usually dress business casual then whipping out a leather skirt out of the gate may be a little jarring to your co-workers and management. Ease into the style if you can and make sure the skirt is subdued in tone or blends really well with your outfit, to the point where you couldn’t imagine the outfit without it.

Wearing Leather Skirts to the Office

Usually skirts made of crepe, cotton, twill, and linen are the most common materials encountered in an office setting. However, there is something to be said for breaking the mold and going the non-traditional route of buying a leather skirt and rocking it to work. But before you break out your newly purchased Zebra Printed Leather Mini Skirt, you should follow a few simple do’s and don'ts. Below are some simple tips to making a statement with your leather mini skirt.

  • If you’ve chosen to buy a black mini skirt it’s best to match that motif with your top. A basic, bold, and primary top or blouse can blend well with basic black or shirred skirts. Your shoe choice can be extremely variable in this instance, as this outfit could work well with high-heels & pumps, high-top boots, or retro sneakers with a brightly colored and chunky aesthetic.
  • Our black leather skirt with dome studs can mesh incredibly well with a retro motif, so a bright red or emerald green top along with a shawl or fur jacket could go great with this piece. Retro is generally considered fine for work attire.
  • The infamous Zebra print leather mini skirt may be our most difficult look to pull off in a contemporary workplace, but we can assure you; it is possible. The only bit of advice we could offer in this scenario is; go as 80’s as possible. Hit that signature flair of Zuba’s and legwarmers of yesteryear and embrace that retro aesthetic.

Wearing Leather Skirts on Casual Days

In the case that you can’t wear designer leather miniskirts on a workday, you may be able to attend company parties or casual Fridays wearing your favorite leather skirt. If it’s a more casual event, you can wear a bold highlighter top or an oversized hoodie. If there’s no real dress restriction you could lean into the leather look with a bomber jacket or go the full 9 yards and purchase a leather top.

If your company has booked a nice venue for an event and you’re hitting a fancy club in the evening, balancing your leather skirt with a silk blouse or a black leather camisole tank would be perfect. You may not want to incorporate sequins or too many differentiating colors; they may not look good with primary color leather skirt. Instead you should consider wearing a statement jewelry piece and or a leather jacket or button down shirt to really rock the look. Leather hot pants are another great option for a sleek and work-suitable fashion statement.