A Quick Look at the Different Types of Leather

A Quick Look at the Different Types of Leather

Leather is one of the most coveted fabric materials and gives a premium and elegant appeal to the overall outfit of the wearer. Leather is used in many types of apparel, jackets, skirts, shirts, leggings, and pants being the most popular ones. Premium leather clothing products are extremely durable and last for a long time with minimal maintenance. However, not all types of leather are suited to make clothing products. Some types of leather are used in other kinds of products such as shoes, upholstery, handbags, purses, watches, and accessories.

Leather is sourced from the hide or skin of various animals and goes through an extensive process to produce the final material. Leather is categorized into different types based on its thickness, feel, and flexibility that is then processed into the desired product. Below is a quick look at the types of leather from different animals that are used to make leather clothing.


Leather made from cowhide is the most commonly used type to produce clothing products such as designer leather jackets, leather skirts, and leather pants. They are known to be highly versatile and can be a great choice for heavy-duty wear. At the same time, cow leather is soft, thick, and resistant to abrasion as well.

Buffalo Hide

Leather made from buffalo hide is very similar to cow leather but is usually much stiffer and features more pronounced patterns like deeper cuts and grooves. Buffalo leather is also used to make clothing products similar to those made with cowhide leather but it can also be used to make bags, rugs, and shoes.


Leather made from sheepskin or lambskin is usually very supple, soft, and lightweight. That is why sheep or lamb leather is not commonly used to make leather motorcycle jackets. With that in mind, sheepskin can be a great choice for other leather clothing products such as leather leggings, skirts, trench coats, and even leather gloves.


Leather made from deerskin is one of the toughest leather types and features high abrasion resistance, great tensile strength, and superior durability. Moreover, deerskin leather is extremely soft, lightweight, and comfortable too while offering a spongy and stretchy feel. This makes it an amazing choice for all types of casual leather clothing products apart from making handbags and purses.


Leather made from goatskin is very durable and features fine grain that gives it a unique texture. Goatskin leather is tougher than cow leather, while still being lightweight, highly flexible, and comfortable. That is why goatskin leather can be seen in almost any kind of leather product, ranging from clothing items to shoes, bags, and book covers.

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