The Future Femme


Hello again,

It’s Ambre, founder of Walk In My Closet. I can’t thank you enough for sharing in the extraordinary journey that was. After a trip to Paris in 2016 I began to have a new purpose – a drive, a force.  When I returned to my home in Los Angeles I started creating my dream from scratch. My fierce female friendships have always been a source of inspiration to me and I noticed that all my friends, from all different walks of life, were describing the same sort of feeling I was having...and this feeling manifested into a dream.

What made women feel stronger? More confident? Inspired by Anais’ words, I decided to make my own world. Refusing to wait around for someone else to make something happen for me, I knew I had it within myself to create something as unique as the women I surround myself with. I discovered a leather that fit like a second skin and created a design meant to accentuate the female body...just like Superwoman.

And just like that, SPRWMN was born, – a Los Angeles based company, for all spirited women who know they can make it for themselves, together.

Please take a moment to check out our website,, and follow us on Instagram at @sprwmnclothing to stay up to date with all of our new product launches, events, and more.