How to Revive the Original Charm of your Old Leather Jacket

How to Revive the Original Charm of your Old Leather Jacket


Premium leather jackets are very strong, tough, and durable, and can last for years with minimum maintenance. Yet again, they are not totally exempt from looking worn out or degraded after prolonged use. Leather jackets can also show signs of wearing out eventually. However, you can easily restore the original charm of your old leather jacket by following the below tips.

Clean it Properly

It is a given that your leather jacket will accumulate dirt and debris over time. If left unchecked, this can make the leather jacket look dull and weary. Therefore, you should clean your leather jacket occasionally to make sure that it does not lose its elegant appeal. Simply wiping the surface of your leather jacket with a washcloth damped in a gentle soap and water solution will be enough to clean it. You can also use specialized leather cleaning solutions for your jacket if the dirt or debris has settled in.

Check for Damages

When you are cleaning your old leather jacket, also look for any damages on its surface. High-quality leather clothing does not get damaged that easily, but it can still sustain damages because of extended exposure to physical stress. So check the leather jacket carefully for any damages, especially around the seams, to see if there is any frayed stitching. If you find any damages, you will need to repair that so that it does not spread and cause any more damage to your leather jacket.

Replace Missing Buttons

If you see any buttons missing on your old leather jacket, make sure to replace them with new ones. Likewise, you will also need to fix the loose buttons on your leather jacket. You can do such minor repairs by yourself using a thread and replacement buttons. Just make sure that the new ones are of the same color, shape, and size as the old buttons on the leather jacket. If you are not comfortable with replacing the buttons on your own then take your old leather jacket to a local tailor for any necessary repairs.

Condition your Jacket

This is the most important step to refresh the appeal of your old leather jacket. You can buy a good quality leather conditioner and apply that on the surface of your leather jacket with a clean cloth. This will hydrate the leather clothing and give it a revitalized appeal. Conditioning your leather jacket also protects it from drying out. However, make sure that there is not too much moisture when applying the leather conditioner as that can damage your old leather jacket.

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