How to Tell the Difference between Real and Fake Leather

How to Tell the Difference between Real and Fake Leather

Leather is available in a lot of different types and varieties. As buying a leather jacket or designer leather skirt is like a long-term investment, you should have a good idea of how to distinguish between real and fake leather. Therefore, to help you out, below is a quick guide to identifying fake leather from natural leather.

Check the Product Description

Take a look at the description of the leather product that you are buying. If it says “Genuine Leather”, “PU Leather”, or “Faux Leather”, then it is not real leather but made from synthetic materials. Instead, if the product description says that it is made from cowhide, sheepskin, or top-grain or full-grain leather, then it refers to real leather.

Check the Feel

Leather is sourced from animal hides, which gives it the natural attribute to age with time. You can see wrinkles on the surface of real leather products, and it would feel a bit rough and a bit smooth on touch. However, if you get a plastic-like smooth feel, then it is fake leather. As leather is a natural material, it would feel like skin and form tiny wrinkles when you press on it. On the other hand, fake leather would hardly have any effect when you press on the material.

Check How it Reacts to Water

Real leather can absorb water. Although leather jackets, leather pants, and leather skirts are treated with a wax coating to protect them from water damages, they would still be able to absorb some amount of water if they are made from real leather. Fake leather, on the contrary, can be extremely water resistant or even waterproof. So, try testing your leather product with a drop of water and see how it reacts to it.

Check the Price

Making products from real leather is an extensive process, which involves sourcing the animal hide, preparing, splitting, treating, tanning, crusting, and a lot of other processes. This can be seen in the pricing of leather products, which would usually range from $250 and above. Fake leather products, in contrast, would be very cheaper and appear as if they are on a huge discount for no reason at all.

Check its Durability

Leather is a very durable and strong material, which gives the product a long life. Therefore, you should carefully assess the durability and strength of the leather product before you buy it. Note that real leather clothing would not crack even under direct sunlight, while fake leather tends to peel off and look ugly after some time. In fact, leather products made from naturally sourced leather gain more character over time.

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