Everything you Need to Know about Different Leather Finishes

Everything you Need to Know about Different Leather Finishes

Women’s premium leather leggings and designer leather skirts come in many different varieties of finishes. While some finishes may be given to the leather material to improve its natural beauty, others are meant to offer the leather skirt or leggings a softer feel and suppleness. Below is explaining some of the most popular leather finishes so that you can make an informed decision the next time you buy leather clothing.

Aniline-Dyed Leather

An aniline-dye finish gives the leather a more natural appeal, meaning that almost all the unique surface characteristics of the animal hide remain visible on the final product. No kind of polymer coating or pigment is applied onto the leather surface and it is instead colored only with the aniline dye. As aniline finish is fully transparent it makes sure that the original grain of the hide is clearly visible on the leather clothing or accessory.

The main drawback of an aniline-dye is that only top-quality animal hide can be treated with it because of its high transparency. This, in turn, makes the leather product a bit more expensive. Regardless, aniline-dyed leather offers a very soft and supple, and luxurious feel. It is for this reason that leather products made with an aniline-dye finish usually fall under the premium category.

Semi-Aniline Finish Leather

Semi-aniline finished leather is also an aniline dye-based finished but it also incorporates more color into the final product through the use of pigment. This is to ensure that the natural characteristics of the animal hide are still present in the final products but available in different varieties of shades and colors. The leather material is first saturated in the dye and then a light coating of pigment is given to its surface. This gives the leather a semi-transparent layer that offers better protection to leather clothing against fading.

Napa Leather

This type of leather has a smooth and soft texture that is gained from chromium or aluminum sulfate tanning. Most clothing items made of napa leather are made full-grain unsplit leather that is sourced from lamb or sheepskin. Apart from the removal of the hair on the animal hide the skin surface is not altered allowing the leather to have many of its original textures and markings. It is then put through a finishing process to enhance durability while retaining the pliability and suppleness of the leather product. Full-grain napa leather is considered the top class in leather and can be very expensive.

Pigmented Leather

A pigmented leather finish includes treating the leather material with bold pigment particles that completely conceal the natural characteristics of the animal hide. This finish works as though you are placing a plastic coating over the leather surface while maintaining the breathability of the leather. Pigmented leather can also resist the absorption of water to some degree too. However, this finish is usually seen in leather upholstery and accessories and not in women’s leather leggings or skirts.

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