Why We Love Leather Pants Way More Than Jeans

Why We Love Leather Pants Way More Than Jeans

Jeans have always been the go-to option for many women when they think casual wear. That makes jeans somewhat cliché while still maintaining an everyday appeal. However, when it comes to wearing leather pants, they can subtly work that casual look and feel, but definitely take casual wear a step further. Even though leather pants serve more benefits to the wearer than simply being a daily outfit, they can be just as comfortable as and more breathable than denim. This alone makes wearing leather leggings instead of jeans an appealing alternative, but below are a few more reasons that explain why wearing leather pants can be better than wearing jeans in so many cases. Whether you’re walking around the city on a casual day, at a weekend party, or at the office.

Way Softer than Denim

While both jeans and leather pants share some similarities like strength, durability, and availability in different styles, leather pants are considerably softer on the skin when compared to denim fabric. Where denim is hard and stiff, leather is much soft and supple. In addition to leather’s breathability, our premium leather pants are the pinnacle of comfort.

Variety of Styles & Colors

The usual choice of color in denim jeans is blue, black, white, green, mustard yellow, as well as the different shades of navy blue. Sometimes, women choose black jeans as well for certain occasions. However, leather pants offer you the option to wear virtually any color at a high saturation thanks to our fully submerged dyeing process. Although most women think that leather pants come in brown and black colors only, they are actually available in a variety of colors and shades, including purple, red, yellow, gray, orange, green, and white. We even make metallic leather leggings with a reflective outer coating.

They Repel Odor-Causing Moisture

While denim and other common fabrics absorb moisture, high-quality leather material has the ability to resist odor-causing moisture. In fact, leather pants can wick moisture away from the body very promptly, which in turn works to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day or night. This moisture-resisting feature also means that leather pants leave no room for bacteria build up due to sweat as is seen with some synthetic fabrics.

Flexibility and Elasticity

Leather pants are also available in custom sizes with come with flexible and elastic waistbands. Some leather pants also feature flexible waists, but they tend be a hidden feature whereas leather shorts and pants embrace the thick and chunky band. In addition to being extremely comfortable, it also means they form to your contour and perfectly fit and flaunt your flattering figure.

They Have a Unique Style

Leather has a subtle grain and a distinct shiny appearance that cannot be found on any other fabric. This makes the material extremely unique and expressly attractive over other options like cotton pants or denim jeans. Additionally, they look great with almost anything, be it a normal or leather tank top, a designer bomber jacket, or a signature graphic t-shirt. Because they act as such a great statement piece as well as a base for more articles, it means you get countless options for styling your outfit and looking stunning.

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