Choosing the Best Leather Skirt to Define your Style

Choosing the Best Leather Skirt to Define your Style

Leather skirts have been the center of attraction in fashion for as long as anyone can remember. They’re always trendy and help express your bold personality and confident style. However, with an larger array of comfortable and chic leather skirts becoming available on the market it can become a bit difficult to choose the right one for you. Worry not, because below we have a quick guide to the different types of leather skirts available for different body shapes and occasions. This information will come especially in handy when choosing a leather skirt that helps you to define your style and fashion persona.

Pencil Leather Skirts

A leather pencil skirt can give you a glamorous and stylish look that is well suited for formal events and everyday business wear. They’re fantastic for women of any body shape and can be flawlessly paired with most shirts, knitted tops, tank tops, and t-shirts. You can even buy leather pencil skirts in different patterns, designs, and colors to help set your individual style apart.

Pleated Leather Skirts

The classic design of a pleated leather skirt can suit all types of events whether it’s a movie date or a casual outing. These skirts best suit a woman who prefers a traditional foundation to their outfits while offering a modern touch to their style. You can purchase one that uses patterned material to create a rippling effect and pair it with a tight-fitting top or shirt to get a sleek and cutting-edge look.

High Waist Leather Skirts

Inspired by the 80’s fashion, high waisted leather skirts can bring back a classic appeal to your attire. These skirts work great for women with any frame and offer the best balance of style and comfort. One style idea is buying one that features a crisscross stitching on the front and pair it together with a knitted top or t-shirt perfectly.

A-Line Leather Skirts

These leather skirts best suit women who have pear shapes body or a slim waist with a heavy bottom. A-line skirts feature an opening at the end and create a structure that looks like the letter A of the alphabet. They can offer a casual appeal and can be worn with virtually any type of top whether it’s a crop top, t-shirt, knitted top, or even a plain shirt.

Ruffled Leather Skirts

Best suited for petite women with slim legs, ruffled leather skirts feature characteristic frills on the skirt that can help form a trendy look. You can get these skirts in an array of patterns and designs too, making them great for both casual wear as well as parties and nights out. Ruffled leather skirts can look even more attractive when paired with tight-fitting tops or t-shirts.

Slit Leather Skirts

A slit leather skirt features an opening on one side to reveal the leg and show a peek of skin. Even though it’s generally considered party wear, slit leather skirts have continued to be in style for years thanks to their unique pattern. These skirts go well with any kind of party wear top, but a crop top can make the outfit even more charming. Slit leather skirts best suit women who have either a curvy figure or toned legs but can be hard to find as far as women's leather fashion goes.

Leather Mini Skirts

Wearing a black mini leather skirt can be a perfect look for those of you who have a more petite body shape. When coupled with a statement t-shirt or studded leather belt you can get an even more dramatic look and appeal. Leather mini skirts can be a lovely choice for causal parties or a girls’ night out.

Embroidered Leather Skirts

Reveal your groovy and soft side with some floral thread work on your leather skirt. These best suit women with a pear-shaped figure and can be worn to any sort of formal or casual event. This stunning leather skirt can be best paired together with lace tops or knitted t-shirts. Don't forget to complete your look with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Layered Leather Skirts

Having layers on the leather skirt can give a unique party look to your outfit. A layered leather skirt work best for women who have a slim body and long legs, and can be paired well with more casual shirts, tank tops or tees. Try on a long or short layered leather skirt to help you getter a better idea of your styling preferences. With a skirt like this, you are sure to grab everyone’s attention so feel free to be bold.

Fringed Leather Skirts

Having fringes on your leather skirt completely transforms your look from something ordinary to something extraordinary. You can have small or long fringes on the leather skirt depending upon your styling preferences, and pair them with a plain white top. All the attention will be on your skirt so keep it simple with your top and you will have a perfect look. These skirts are great for petite women and young girls and can be a great choice for party wear.

Wrap Around Leather Skits

With their unique appeal and ultra-modern charm, wrap-around leather skirts have always been the first choice for today’s fashionable women. These skirts work best for women with an hourglass body shape and can offer a more formal look that blends well with the mood of any event. Wrap-around leather skirts can come in various designs, shapes, and colors as well so you can always find something that calls to you.

Asymmetrical Leather Skirts

Asymmetrical leather skirts are usually shorter at the front and longer at the back which can give you a unique and interesting statement piece. These skirts look absolutely stunning on women with an hourglass figure and can offer a fierce look to any outfit. Asymmetrical leather skirts can be paired well with any kind of top or tee and can be worn to just about any casual or formal event.

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