What Shoes Go Well with Leather Skirts

What Shoes Go Well with Leather Skirts



Choosing the right footwear to match with your leather skirts can be a bit difficult for some people. While it’s important to always choose a type of shoe that you know you’ll feel comfortable wearing throughout the day, it's also important to keep in mind the kind of event you’re attending or the type of activity you’re going to be taking part in when you’re selecting your footwear. That being said, the good thing about leather skirts is that you don’t have to be as considerate when choosing the color of your footwear in order to complement the color of your skirt. Why you may ask? That’s because all leather skirts have a tendency to blend very nicely with just about any shoe color. However, wearing similar colors is considered to be a better decision if you decide to wear some bold knee-length leather boots to match a high-waisted leather skirt.

Choosing the Right Shoes

If you decide to go to a casual party, you can easily match your leather skirt with some ballerina flats or slip-on shoes. On the other hand, if it was a formal event then you can go for some cute open-toe shoes, wedges, or pumps. Or maybe you’ve decided to just hang out with some friends! If that’s the case then choose a simple pair of sneakers or loafers to help complete your casual leather skirt outfit for fun night out. Keeping it casual but classy? Platform shoes or peep toes can help give your attire a more sophisticated appeal if that’s more your style.

When wearing a pencil leather skirt to work, it’s important to style your outfit and shoes in a more conservative way. Keep in mind that you should avoid wearing t-straps, ankle straps, and high-heeled scarpin shoes to the office. Instead, pair your leather skirt with ankle boots, kitchen toes, pointed-toe flats, or a simple pair of elegant pumps. Petite as well as plus-size women can look even more stunning if they pair their leather skirt with a beautiful pair of nude shoes.

If you decide to style your leather skirt and outfit in an all-black style then you can help accentuate the confident and chic appeal of your attire with a pair of black stilettos. To add a bit more charisma to your sleek monochrome look, you can always throw in a few flamboyant accessories into the mix such as a classic leather handbag, a long designer necklace, or a brightly colored scarf to draw the eye.

It’s also important to note that you should also choose your footwear based upon the time of the month as well. For instance, you can easily pair your leather skirts with either Chelsea boots or knee-high boots during the winter and wear flats or heeled shoes during hot summer days. No matter what the season is, you will always look stylish and gorgeous by matching your leather skirt with the right shoes.

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