5 Best Tops to Match Leather Skirts

5 Best Tops to Match Leather Skirts

Leather skirts are charming, desirable, fashionable, and they suit almost every occasion. Everyday they’re growing in popularity and are becoming a go-to option for achieving a unique fashion statement. Even celebrities love to flaunt leather; many popular names in the entertainment industry such as Irina Shayk, Elizabeth Olsen, Vanessa Kirby, Lady Gaga, Alicia Vikander, and many more have been spotted wearing stylish leather skirts to red carpet events. The 2019 San Diego Comic-Con also witnessed many celebrities sporting leather and rocking the modern look.

The most appealing thing about leather skirts is that you can wear them anytime and in any season. Yet the key to making the most of your desired look is by pairing your leather skirt with a trendy top. Not to fret, however, there are lots of styles and outfit ideas you can try out to achieve that perfect look you desire. Below are the 5 best tops you can match with your leather skirts.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Baggy sweaters make a fantastic contrast to the stark quality of a leather skirt. Simple knitted or wool sweaters could work to achieve this look, however graphic and crewneck sweatshirts compliment the smooth fabric of leather skirts the best. Try neon colors with a black skirt or a desaturated vintage sweatshirt with a skirt that flaunts a bolder color palette. Complete the look with ankle boots, pumps, or a pair of stilettos.


Wearing a shirt with leather skirts is the go-to option for those who prefer donning pencil leather skirts to work. However, this can also be a great option for weekend parties or casual night out. Just tuck the shirt inside the skirt and stun everyone with your elegant appeal.

Rock Band T-Shirts

Rock and roll and leather always go hand in hand. Whether its leather jackets, leather pants, or simple leather accessories, leather serves as the best platform to highlight your inner rock and roll enthusiast. Simply throw on your favorite rock band t-shirt and create that edgy and bold look you’ve always strived for.

Lace Tops

This combination is geared towards the glamorous and fashion-forward woman. Leather skirts can be the perfect complement for lace tops and the combinations helps elevate you’re overall outfit look balanced and trendy. As an added benefit, lace tops have that special softness to them that can make any outfit look more comfortable and homey.


Leather skirts also go well with fur jackets and provide a completely luxurious look to the wearer. Lush and oversized fur jackets can be paired with all types of leather skirts, and you can style it with a simple blouse or shirt to balance the look.