Finding The Right Oversized Leather Jacket For You

Finding The Right Oversized Leather Jacket For You

The oversized clothing trend has always had a special place in the fashion industry. Designers have often produced masterpieces in oversized clothing that helped them as well as their followers to stand out in the crowd. Even though the oversized jacket fashion has been around for more than a century now the trend never feels outdated. In fact, many celebrities have also flaunted oversized clothing in recent times; American rapper Kanye West even has his own fashion line that showcases the oversized clothing trend.

Originally, the oversized trend started with women’s jackets in the 20s, but it soon entered the men’s fashion industry as well. From oversized leather jackets to t-shirts and blazers, many different types of oversized clothing products exist today. Insider reports say that the oversized jacket trend will make a popular comeback in the next year so now is the right time to jump on to the fashion train with an oversized premium leather jacket. 

Finding the Right Oversized Leather Jacket

You should follow all the standards rules that apply when it comes to buying a usual leather jacket when choosing an oversized one too. That includes checking the quality, texture, elasticity, and feel of the material. With that in mind, check the type of animal hide used to make the leather jacket and see if suits your style preferences as well. You can go for one that is made with full-grain leather or choose a top-grain leather jacket depending upon your budget. However, it’s important to avoid purchasing oversized leather jackets that are made with genuine leather or faux leather. Not only that, but you should also keep an eye on the lining of the leather jacket to make sure that it is comfortable to wear all day long.

Your oversized jacket should both look good and feel good on you. It’s important to make sure that the fit of the jacket isn’t too loose or baggy so that it doesn’t make it look like you are drowning in the garment. Always choose an oversized jacket that is just roomy enough to balance your overall outfit. It’s also better to pick one that allows you to fit into a sweater comfortably underneath.  In order to measure yourself before looking for an oversized leather jacket, you should measure your chest width, shoulders from tip to tip, sleeve length, and your back lengthwise to give you a more accurate idea of what to look for. You can also use the measurements to custom design an oversized leather jacket to match your fashion preferences.

Styling the Oversized Leather Jacket

Just as important it is to find the right oversized leather jacket, it is also vital that you style it properly. For instance, you cannot wear an oversized jacket with a long overcoat; that would look totally bizarre and awkward. That is why you should be aware of which outfit styles go well with an oversized leather jacket to flaunt it perfectly. Below are some tips to help you style your oversized leather jacket and keep your outfit exciting.

  • Balance the look: The best way to style your oversized leather jacket is to wear it with slim-fitting slacks or a pair of skinny jeans. Wearing baggy pants along with your loose-fitting leather jacket would make you look shabby and old-fashioned. So try to find the perfect balance of top-wear and bottom wear to rock the fashion. Moreover, make sure to wear neutral colors so that your overall attire does not look too eclectic. 
  • Accessorize your outfit well: Pick the right accessories that would add more charm to your oversized leather jacket. You can wear a belt to highlight your waistline and a pair of high-heeled shoes to balance the look. However, it might be better to stay away from wearing a scarf with an oversized jacket because it can create a bulky silhouette that’s too heavy at the top. Try matching your leather jacket with a woolen beanie if you are going out.
  • Keep it simple: Your oversized leather jacket is obviously the statement piece so it’s important to simplify the rest of you outfit and not include too many extra frills or details. Keep your overall attire simple and casual no matter which type of event you are attending. An oversized jacket draws a lot of attention on its own so it’s important to avoid adding any unnecessary embellishments. Match your black leather jacket with a pair of blue denim jeans; nothing can beat the amazing combination of these two.
Never over layer: You should wear a white or solid color slim-fit t-shirt underneath the leather jacket instead of throwing on a bulky and thick sweater. This can help highlight your oversized leather jacket perfectly while making sure that you do not look scruffy or unorganized. Besides, it can also be very uncomfortable to have the extra layer beneath the leather jacket, especially if you were planning to wear it for the entire day. Keeping the t-shirt beneath light would let you move around more freely as well.

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