napa leather jacket zipper detail
Napa leather can be derived from cowhide, buffalo hide, sheepskin, or any other animal hide. However, its production involves using a distinctive tanning process that makes it different from other leather types. Napa leather is tanned using chromium or aluminum...
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A Quick Guide to Choosing Leather Skirts
Choosing a leather skirt can be more complicated than it sounds. There are a lot of styles, designs, and color options to choose from when it comes to premium designer leather clothing which can make it all the more confusing...
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Comparing Buffalo Leather vs. Other Leather Types
Buffalo leather is made by processing domestic buffalo hides. It comes in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes which is then passed onto the leather material. Buffalo leather is used in a variety of applications and can even beat the quality of other leather types in a variety of ways. See how it stands against sheepskin, calfskin, and other leather types in the article ahead.
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Buying Hooded Leather Jackets for Winter
Winter is already here which means you’re looking out for the best jackets and coats to stay comfortable and protected from the cold. Hooded leather jackets can help you to achieve those goals while making sure that you look fashionable at the same time. Generally, stylish leather jackets do not often come with a hood which is why most people look for other alternatives to protect your head during the winter months. 
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The Unique Qualities of Aged Leather

The saying, “old is gold”, fits perfectly when it comes to leather jackets and leather pants. Leather develops more character as it ages which is why most fashionable women prefer the appeal of “old leather” these days as opposed to new leather.

In general, leather develops a patina when it ages which gives it a darker color and a unique finish. Gradually, this layer would give the leather jacket or pants a different appearance because the natural marks on the leather would start becoming more noticeable. As leather is sourced from animal hide it can contain natural wrinkles and form small markings on the surface. These tiny markings and can add a rugged character and appeal to your premium leather jacket or pants.

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