The Different Uses of Sheep Leather

The Different Uses of Sheep Leather

Sheep leather has been in use for making leather jackets for centuries. In the old days, manufacturers used to leave a bit of fur on sheepskin leather to provide more warmth and comfort while wearing leather coats and jackets. Today, sheep leather jackets are available in both fur on and fur removed types.

Leather jackets made from sheep leather come in almost the same texture, quality, and appeal as to that offered by cowhide leather jackets. Sheepskin leather is also used to make heavy-duty apparel and leather clothing, but the material is typically softer than cow leather. As its softness and suppleness make sheep leather jackets blend as per the body shape of the wearer, the fabric material is more commonly used in lighter garments. Below is a quick look at some of the different uses of sheep leather.

Leather Garments

Vintage-style sheepskin leather jackets with fur are still very popular among men and women, although they come in a wide variety of styles and designs as well. Regardless of its lightweight nature and softer texture, sheep leather can last for long and offer great elasticity to the garment, making it more resistant to the usual wear and tear. Sheep leather apparel can last for decades with proper care and maintenance, while its texture and appearance also improve as the leather ages.

Leather Shoes

While most of the leather shoes are made from top-grain or corrected cowhide leather because of its supreme thickness and strength, sheepskin leather can also be used to make luxury shoes. Their increased softness and flexibility make sheep leather shoes more comfortable and warm, which is why they are preferred especially in winter. Sheep leather with fur is also used to make luxury slippers and boots that are extremely cozy and soft.

Leather Wallets and Gloves

Sheepskin leather is one of the most popular choices for making luxury wallets featuring top quality finish. They have a very attractive appearance, while their extra softness and suppleness add to the ease of making luxury leather wallets. Similarly, sheep leather is also used to make high-quality leather gloves because of their velvety softness and high elasticity. Gloves made from sheep leather adapt to the shape of the user's hand perfectly as well, adding to its usability and functionality.

Leather Coats

Sheep leather with fur is still used to make the best winter coats. Typically, leather coats made from sheepskin leather feature wool on the inside, which adds to the warmth and comfort offered by the stylish garment. Besides, they also feature high durability and strength, which make sheep leather coats suited for all kinds of usage.

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