The Perfect Mix of Comfort and Glamour: Stretch Leather

The Perfect Mix of Comfort and Glamour: Stretch Leather

What is stretch lambskin leather? Stretch leather is simply defined as a thin lambskin leather lined with distinctive stretch fabric bonded on the back. The stretch fabric ensures the leather’s elasticity without losing color or elasticity over time, giving the wearer a full range of motion and allowing the garment full recovery after wear. The ultimate result is a second-skin comfort to your body.

Due to that high-end nature of the product and given its greater softness and suppleness, lamb leather is more expensive than other leathers and is considered luxurious, a main reason why here at SPRWMN, we almost exclusively turn to lamb leather to handcraft our leather pants, leather skirts and casual jackets. 

Lambskin allows the skin to breath, allowing you to go from day to night, to on-the-go or a night out in the town. Adaptability is also a  quality of lambskin leather, as your body will stay cool in warm weather but the material also provides warmth as day turns to night. The choices are endless when it comes to lambskin whether featuring a short skirt or full black leather bodysuit. And the best part is, that as lambskin ages, it grows softer and smoother. 

For those women reluctant to jump on the leather fashion bandwagon, once you take the plunge, you’ll choose stretch leather wear over denim for its durability, array of colors and styles, and allure. Leather is also a versatile material, it can be  used to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. For a casual look, pair with a basic t-shirt and sneakers for running errands or picking the kids up from school. Then slip on a blazer, blouse and pair of pumps for a night time look made for fashion week.

Taking Care of Your Stretch Leather Garments

Knowing the delicate and luxurious nature of lambskin is just one side of coin, but it is also important to know how to care for these items. Each item made at SPRWMN is handcrafted and should always be handled with care. This will ensure the longevity of each item so that they will become a closet essential. Some basic guidelines…

  • Pre Wear Conditioning

It is optimal before the first wearing of your new garment that you apply a good protectant specifically made for lamb leather.  We recommend consulting a leather professional to apply this first protectant coating and keeping that business’s number handy should the items need attention or cleaning down the road.

  • Maintaining Your Leather to Last Forever

Conditioning your lambskin leather is also essential to maintain its luster and supple feel. Again, a professional can recommend the perfect leather-care liniment for the longevity of your leather goods. Always avoid cleansers that contain grease or oil as they will damage the leather and, if in doubt, use just a small amount of your chosen protectant or cleanser on an area of the article that’s not instantly visible to assure the liniment leaves no residue or color distortion. Just like its wearer, your lambskin leather needs TLC to keep its saintly and supple appearance for many years to come.

  • Keeping Leather Safe and Sound

Proper storage of your lambskin leather products is also key to the garment’s long-term health and beauty. Use padded hangers and store in a dark, dry closet away from direct sunlight or moisture. For example, storing the garment in a closet near a bathroom where steam escapes or that abuts an exterior wall that collects moisture from the outside elements is not advised. It also not recommended to wrap your lambskin leather fashions in plastic bags for storage as the bags prevent the natural material from breathing and can dry out the luscious leather.

Common sense for caring will make your fashion investment last from season to season. When searching for contemporary, high-fashion pieces, SPRWMN provides a variety of unique and essential additions to any woman’s wardrobe.  

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