Frequently Asked Questions about Top Grain Leather

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is the second-highest quality grade of leather available after full-grain leather. Although it is softer and more flexible than other types of leather, top-grain is not as durable as full-grain leather. However, top-grain leather features a uniform finish and is considered more workable than full-grain leather. To help you to understand more about the material, here are some of the most common FAQs about top grain leather.

How is Top Grain Leather Made?

Most leather materials are processed from cowhides because of their wide availability, size and quality. However, top-grain leather can also be made from a variety of animal hides including pigs, deer, sheep, horses, and even kangaroos. At SPRWMN we make all of our designer leather leggings out of the highest quality lamb leather. In order to produce top-grain leather, manufacturers remove several millimeters from the hides when processing so that the final product does not show any imperfections. Because of this, the leather becomes thinner, with the overall thickness of the leather dependent upon the type of animal from which the hide is sourced. Once the hide is sanded, the leather is buffed in order to get a smooth and soft surface. The top-grain leather is then treated with an aniline dye to retain the hide’s natural traits as well as to give the leather a thin protective coating.

How Can I Protect Top-Grain Leather?

Top-grain leather is treated with a semi-aniline or aniline dye, which helps give a more uniform color to the material. Semi-aniline treatment makes the leather more resistant to staining and wearing out. However, in order to maintain its finish and durability, it is usually required to treat the leather every three months. Top-grain leather can easily be treated at home using a recommended conditioner. All you have to do is clean the leather using an appropriate leather cleaner or mild soap solution and then apply the leather conditioner on the material after it is dried.

How Long Does Top-Grain Leather Usually Last?

Top-grain leather is generally thinner and softer than full-grain leather. The reason for this is that the strongest fibers in the hide are sanded off to make the material more flexible and give it a smooth surface. Due to this process, the longevity and durability of top-grain leather becomes dependent upon several factors including the original quality of the animal hide, the type of product made from the material, its usage, and the care provided. Generally, top-grain leather lasts for around 10 to 15 years with good care and maintenance. However, as it does not form a patina, the appearance of top-grain leather is likely to deteriorate rather than improve with age. This is also the case with all of our SPRWMN garments and leather clothing which are made of the highest quality lamb leather to last for years to come.

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