Wearing a Leather Waistcoat Fashionably

Wearing a Leather Waistcoat Fashionably

Leather waistcoats or leather vests can take your fashion to the next level. They differ from your traditional designer leather jackets in design but offer the same amazing qualities of durability, style, and comfort. This allows you to wear a leather waistcoat to any occasion. You just need to pair it with the right shirt and bottom wear. Below are a few ways in which you can create a chic and fashionable look wearing leather waistcoats.

Match it with the Right Top

Paring your leather jackets with the right shirts and tops plays a key role in defining your final look. This rule applies to leather waistcoats too. Therefore, you should choose the right shirt or top that accentuates the style of your leather vests.

It is better to avoid wearing a top or shirt that has the same color of your leather waistcoat. While some may choose this to create a monochrome appearance, wearing a black top with a black leather waistcoat often makes it look dull and weary. Instead, you should choose a color that contrasts and highlights the color of your leather vest. For instance, wearing a white shirt and throwing a black leather waistcoat on top creates a classic and more stylish appeal.

Match it with Leather Pants

Leather with leather is always a trendy option to go for. Pairing your leather waistcoat with a pair of elegant high waisted leather pants will make your outfit more classy and modish. You can easily achieve a confident and ultra-modern appeal by matching leather waistcoats with leather pants. Yet unlike choosing the top, you should go for the same color leather pants to match with your leather vests. This will give your attire a homogenous appeal and will not make it look out of place.

Leave the Front of the Waistcoat Open

Keeping the front of your leather waistcoat open will give your outfit a bold and fashionable appeal. It allows you to flaunt your top or shirt, while enhancing the overall look of your leather clothing. If you are wearing an accessory or jewelry, like a long necklace, keeping the front of the leather vest open will allow you to show it off as well.

You can keep the front closed in case you are looking to create a more professional look. Besides, keeping the front of your leather waistcoat closed will also provide more warmth and comfort if it is cold outside. Therefore, you can choose whether to leave the front opened or closed depending upon the event that you are attending, the weather conditions, as well as your personal styling preferences.

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