What Happens When a Leather Jacket Gets Wet?

What Happens When a Leather Jacket Gets Wet?

You would want to offer the best care possible to your leather jacket so that it lasts for as long as possible. There are many ways to take care of leather jackets, which offer decent solutions to your needs. However, you should also be familiar with how your designer leather clothing will react to water if it gets wet accidentally.

Even though leather is not waterproof, it can resist water penetration to a great degree. Yet again, when your leather jacket gets wet, it would lose the natural oils on its surface and become dry. This, in turn, makes the leather jacket hard and stiff, and it loses its standard supple texture. If the leather jacket does not dry up, it might rot. Nonetheless, that would depend upon the type of leather used to make the jacket as well as its treatment.

Note that if your leather jacket is not waxed or treated, it would be more prone to water damages. As there is no protective layer on the jacket in such a case, it would absorb water as well, which could, in turn, make the leather jacket soft and mushy. That would eventually lead to damaging the leather material.

Treated leather is not fully waterproof either, but it would have good water resistance. When a leather jacket is treated, a layer of wax coating is applied on to its surface, which protects the leather material from dirt, dust, and grime build up as well as from the effects of moisture. Treated leather jackets can help to protect you in a light storm, but they can still be damaged if you wear them in rainy conditions. Therefore, the more you can keep your leather jacket away from water, the better its life and durability would be.

There are some waterproofing products, which can help to protect leather jackets from water damages by making them more water-resistant. Although such types of wax products do the job very efficiently, you should be cautious about the waterproofing product’s effect on the leather material. That is because some leather treatment products can discolor the material or even damage it.

To ensure that the waterproofing product is safe to use on your leather jacket, apply a small amount of the coating on a hidden area and see if it leads to any discoloration or other issues. If the test results are good, you can apply the waterproofing product evenly on to your leather jacket and make it even more water-resistant.

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