Protecting White Leather Pants from Discoloration

Protecting White Leather Pants from Discoloration


White leather pants are becoming more and more popular these days, as they suit all styles and seasons. Men and women all over the world admire the glamorous appeal that a pair of white leather pants can give to their outfit. However, it is because they are white that they are susceptible to some issues that apply to all white-colored garments, such as discoloration. With that being said, you can easily maintain the bright white color and tone of your leather pants by following some simple steps. Below is a quick look at some of the key things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping white leather looking beautiful.

Always Choose High-Quality Leather Pants

High-quality leather pants, such as those made from top-grain leather, are less likely to become discolored when compared to those made from low-quality leather. This is especially true for faux or fake leather products, as they can even become discolored in just a matter of months leaving you looking dingey.

Avoid Machine Wash

You should never put your white leather pants in the washing machine, as it will absolutely damage both the appeal and natural shine of the product. Leather also absorbs moisture, so if you leave your leather pants in the washing machine for a certain amount of time, your white leather pants can become heavy and develop a dull appearance, ruining the product.

Go for Spot Cleaning

Always opt-in for spot cleaning your leather pants in the case of them getting dirty. Dampen a washcloth in some lukewarm water before applying a few drops of leather cleaning solution to the surface of your pants. Make sure to just blot the dirt off using the cloth and when done, let it air dry before storing it. By doing this, your favorite white leather pants can look clean and fresh without any excessive damage or discoloration.

Keep Them Protected from Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloration of just about any white garments, leather pants included. The UVA and UVB rays in sunlight can penetrate deep into your white leather pants, which can impart a darker tone to them. If you can, make sure to store your leather pants away from direct sunlight in order to avoid any unwanted yellowing or changes to the beauty of your goods.

Use a Good Leather Conditioner

Always make sure to occasionally condition your leather pants in order to maintain both their original shine, shape, and appeal. There are a variety of high-quality leather conditioners with the ability to both hydrate and protect your leather material from the harsh elements of the outdoors. By using a leather conditioner you will practically ensure both the longevity and durability of your white leather pants for years to come.

Store Them Separately

When it comes to white leather pants, it’s better not to store them with other darker colored clothes. The reason for this is that leather can sometimes absorb the color of dark-colored garments especially when they are stored closely together. To avoid any sort of unwanted discoloration or dyes getting transferred onto your white leather pants always remember to play it safe and store them separately.

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