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Vintage denim refers to denim clothing that is typically several decades old with a certain quality and historical significance that sets it apart from contemporary items.

SPRWMN Vintage Inspired denim jeans require the same high-quality craftsmanship and durability as Vintage jeans with a modern edge. Their fit and silhouette stand out and are designed to compliment a woman's figure; commonly found with wider legs, high waists, and unique pocket placements.

At SPRWMN, we provide an assortment of luxury denim. Our Comfort Stretch denim is made of 98% Cotton and 22% Elastane. The fabric is sourced exclusively in Italy for just the right amount of stretch without compromising the look of true denim. Our classic denim is made of 100% cotton for a rigid yet comfortable feel and authentic look. This denim fabric is sourced in Japan for optimal quality 100% cotton denim.

We focus on classic silhouettes that will last beyond the season. SPRWMN denim is designed in a variation of rises, leg openings, and inseams to suit all body types. 

At SPRWMN, we prioritize your satisfaction and offer hassle-free returns for all our products. Should your denim jeans fail to meet your satisfaction, you have the option to initiate a return or exchange within 14 days. Please review our full return policy for further details. Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team with any specific questions!

Denim is typically made from cotton, and because cotton is a natural fiber it can shrink when subjected to high heat and moisture. So if you expose denim jeans to high temperatures in the dryer, the cotton fibers can contract, causing the jeans to shrink in size.

All SPRWMN denim jeans and natural fibers are pre-shrunk to avoid any major shrinking or stretching during laundering. SPRWMN denim jeans are designed to re-conform to your body after each wear and wash. Although they may feel tight when you first put them on, they will shortly relax back to their comfortable fit.

With all-natural fibers and materials, we recommend using low-heat settings to dry your jeans. The other option is to air dry them instead of placing them in the dryer, which will preserve the quality of your denim over time and help maintain an authentic denim look. 

SPRWMN denim jeans are designed to mold to your body over time. Jeans that are 100% are designed to shrink to fit, meaning even if they get tighter after laundering, they relax again after each wear, molding to your body the more you wear them.

Stretchy jeans, meaning jeans that have natural properties that enhance mobility, are jeans that are less likely to stretch out because they are blended with other materials like Elastane or Spandex allowing them to stretch as you move.

Denim jeans go with absolutely everything. You can pull off different looks depending on the specific denim you're wearing or the look you're trying to achieve.

For example, vintage wide-leg jeans would go well with a tank and leather jacket. You can style them with a baby tee as well. Some of our denim jeans are also designed with cropped cuffs, so they go perfectly with both ankle boots and sneakers.

Denim has been a timeless and versatile fabric that has consistently remained in fashion for many decades. Denim jeans, jackets, and various other clothing items have stayed popular amid trends and seasonal changes. Denim jeans are a wardrobe necessity, and something we believe, you can never own too many of!