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For leather jogger pants, you want a material that's both soft and durable. SPRWMN uses high-quality soft leather that's meticulously processed over several weeks to months, ensuring the perfect balance of comfort and function. Our jogger pants are either fitted with an elastic waistband or drawstring, making them less rigid, so you can tuck in tops without the added bulk and have more flexibility with rise & fit.

We don't offer faux leather pants. That's because while faux leather joggers may look nice from afar,  there are often problems with breathability, durability, and of course, an authentic leather look.

At SPRWMN, we want you to be extremely happy with your new leather purchase. If your leather jogger pants don't meet your expectations, you can easily return them. For more information, please consult our Shipping & Returns policy on the website. Our customer service team is ready to help with any additional questions.

Leather jogger pants, like our Black Leather Drawstring Sweatpants, are designed to offer a relaxed fit. They should be comfortable and allow for easy movement, not too tight. The drawstring waist and ankle cuffs provide a snug fit that runs true without feeling constricted.

Leather jogger pants are a staple style to add to your wardrobe. Just like any jogger, they pair well with a variety of tops both tucked in or out. You can match them with casual tees or sweaters, or even pair them with a leather tube top for the full leather look.

The cinched cuff makes these pants very versatile, as you can achieve a variety of looks based on the shoe you wear. Pair with an ankle bootie for a more elevated look, or a sneaker for an effortlessly, chic look.

Yes, you can! Leather joggers, when paired with the right top and accessories, can create a stylish and professional look. Try pairing our Dark Chocolate Leather Slim Fit Joggers with a classic white button-down and a pump for a chic, yet laid-back, sophisticated look.

Leather jogger pants are a timeless fashion piece that adds a touch of luxury and edge to any wardrobe. They are the perfect upgrade from sweatpants, adding style without compromising comfort.

Because of its organic composition, authentic leather naturally adapts with wear. This inherent quality enhances the genuine and opulent appearance of real leather. Despite this natural characteristic, we have refined a robust flexibility within our unique leather crafting, ensuring that it sustains its original shape even after repeated wear to avoid excessive stretching.

For styles that hug the form or incorporate elastic waistbands, initial wear might feel snug, as these areas will gradually ease, particularly around high-mobility regions like knees, hips, and your distinctive curves. In instances where your size falls in between two options, we suggest sizing down. For personalized sizing inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via email. 

Natural hides and genuine leather are delicate. As such, proper care is essential to maintaining the integrity of all your SPRWMN leather.

Store your leather by laying it flat or hanging it using the interior hanger loops.

Daily maintenance of your leather can be done by gently wiping off or dusting the leather with a clean and dry terry or microfiber cloth. Avoid wetting the cloth, as that may lead to discoloration.

Do not ever put your leather products in the washing machine or dryer. When cleaning is necessary, take it to a leather specialist cleaner only. For more information, refer to our Leather Care Page or email us at