SPRWMN Leather Care Guide: Expert Tips for Long-lasting Luxury
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The Leather


Due to the delicate nature of our second skin leather, proper care is essential to maintaining the integrity of all your leather SPRWMN pieces.

Daily maintenance of your leather leggings can be done by gently wiping off or dusting the leather with a clean and dry terry cloth towel.

DO NOT ever put your leather products in the washing machine or dryer. 

When cleaning is necessary send to a leather specialist cleaner only.



Always use the sewn in hanger tape to hang your leather pants and other leather garments on a well formed top hanger. 

When storing your leather, DO NOT use bottom hangers with clips which will create stretching and deformation at the waistband of your leather leggings. 

Always store leather products in a cool, dry, and well ventilated area. Keep the leather garment protected from heat, direct sunlight, and other chemicals.

Avoid storing folded or overfilling pockets which may change the silhouette.

DO NOT hang a leather garment next to other items which might transfer color onto the leather. (ex: denim)



The stretch leather retains the benefits of traditional leather while being elastic and flexible. The Lycra® lining (97% cotton) makes it exceptionally comfortable and pleasant to wear. This stretch leather guarantees a 100% recovery.
Due to the delicate nature of the second skin leather please be gentle and slide your leggings up all the way before squatting, stretching, and dancing.
Leather is a natural material, made from animal hides and therefore, all leathers will differ uniquely from garment to garment. Since every piece of leather is different, each product may accept different color dyes during the tanning process. Because of this, irregularities in the consistency of depth and color are common. Real leather will always have natural markings such as scratches, dents, and wrinkles or blemishes. Variations of the texture are distinct from real leather and should be considered unique, therefore they are not a sign of a defective product.

Our buttery-soft plongé plume leather and suede come from the same renowned French artisans of Haute Couture fashion brands, a skilled expert who pioneered stretchy skin leather. His secret process is labor intensive which is why his mastery remains unmatched to this day.

The stretch leather we use can adapt to all women’s body types yet shows unparalleled recovery. It also features a proprietary "extreme breathability" technology, which allows you to wear it all year long, even in warm weather.