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Popular New Leather Fashion Trends

Popular New Leather Fashion Trends

Leather trends have always been a highlight on the runway every season. From leather jackets, tops, pants, and skirts to leather shorts and leggings, we clearly see leather dominating every lookbook of popular fashionistas. What's more, we can see leather in a variety of accessories too – leather bags, leather shoes, leather belts, leather wristband, hair barrettes – it’s an all-encompassing part of the fashion industry. Clearly, it’s safe to say that the leather trend is here to stay.

Anyone can wear leather clothing and provide a stunning twist to their daily attire. Leather suits all body types and skin tones, and you can easily find the right leather jacket or leather pants to match your existing style. In fact, leather trends also evolve with the changes in the fashion industry so you’ll never be short of modern options to choose when wearing a piece of SPRWMN leather clothing or accessory. Below are a few of the latest popular leather fashion trends that you should keep an eye on.

Contemporary Leather Fashion Trends

  • Colored maxi dress with a leather jacket – While colorful flowy dresses may show off your chic side, throwing a leather jacket over it adds a bold appeal to your outfit. Although wearing a black or tan jacket is the usual choice in this scenario, you can also go with a varsity leather cloud jacket or an army leather puffer jacket for that signature SPRWMN look.
  • Statement top with leather shorts – This can be the best casual wear for travel, shopping, or just a night out partying. You can perfectly pair a t-shirt or blouse with leather shorts and wear them with your sneakers to balance your casual but daringly unique look.
  • Leather LBD – A little black leather dress can be just the thing for a date night or a party. You can pair it with your favorite pair of heels to get that ultra-modern look.
  • Leather pencil skirt with a white shirt – This is the go-to combo for all women who want to look stylish all day long while at work. You can find leather skirts in a wide variety of colors as well to make your everyday office attire even more charming.
  • Graphic tee with leather leggings – A graphic tee and leather leggings look great together on anyone. You can also throw an open plaid shirt or a blazer to get a more funky and stylish appeal. Alternatively, pair that with your fun booties for a cute outfit. A zebra printed leather mini skirt or black leather mini skirt with dome studs are both daring choices.
  • Bow-tie blouse and a leather skirt – This elegant combo has always been a classic option for progressive women whether you’re at work or on a weekend night out. You can simply wear your pleated leather skirt with a bow-tie blouse or add some stylish outwear to complete that classic look.

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